hello, I'm Amy.

I Design Experiences.

Nice to Meet You.

I’m a Strategic Designer focused on brand identity, User Experience and the systems that support their success.

I believe the best way to solve the issues our societies face is through Story; Story expressed through technology, innovation, media and the entertainment industry. Some people say that the age of exploration has died but I disagree, I believe the age of exploration has only begun.

David- Creative Designer Social marketing

Technology is daily making possible what we couldn‘t even imagine the day before.

What I Do.

Brand Strategy Research

In order to give your audience the best experience, we have to know who they are! I will ask that you tell me all you know about your business, your industry, your buyers, and your competitive landscape.  After this, I will  be able to offer you a strategic overview of your business along with an Internet Marketing Action Plan focused on creating the best experience for your users and driving lead generation.

Brand Optimization

I will use your Internet Marketing Action Plan to determine what parts of your existing materials can be tested for efficiency. We will use these tests as well as User Research of your audience to optimize your website, email marketing, and socials for lead generation. An optimized experience is how you show your audience that you care about them.


Brand Amplification

This is the reach for the stars, over the fence, world series step in creating the best experience for your audience. It’s taking all of your research and your optimized materials then using specialized tactics to serve your audience even better. This might be a new Video Series or a weekly blog post. In Amplification, I will teach you how to create content quickly while never compromising quality as well as how to determine what content your audience wants to see.

I am available for freelance projects.

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Brand Identity, User Experience, and Marketing Strategy.


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