The Challenge

Every band­–no matter their size–does basically the same things. Every band is touring, playing shows, and selling merchandise. Every band is competing to be written about by the same publications. Bands are not currently effectively utilizing social media, paid advertisements, or other online marketing practices. Bands post mostly about themselves–show and tour announcements, band photos, show photos, and occasionally personality beyond being a band or to promote another band. 

Edison socials and marketing look identical to what other bands are doing, although Edison posts more travel photos and personality pieces than other bands. Currently fans identify with Edison if they have seen them live. Edison’s live shows reveal their personality, their deep concern for finding light in darkness and finding themselves in spite of suffering and loss as well as their humorous personalities. Fans who attend live shows experience this first hand and choose to continue to follow them in the digital plane for that reason. The reality is that Edison is not gaining new fans online who have not experienced them live. Therein lay the challenge.

How does a band give fans the same brand experience online as in person? How does a band gain a dedicated following in this (not-so-new) era? 

The Solution

Edison is here to serve a base of people who feel misunderstood. Many times, these people have been through a tragedy of some kind and are trying to figure out how to continue their lives in spite of their tragedy. These people are most often searching for their truest self, even if they haven’t yet articulated their desire in so many words. Edison will not solve their problems but will act as a spiritual guide for them as they journey down the paths of their lives. The method for doing this is simply by Edison sharing their struggles with vulnerability on a regular basis and being available periodically to speak directly to their base.

The dream outcome of this process is a community of artists, movers, creators, lovers and healing people who help EACH other. In the end, Edison music (and their friend bands who join in this movement) will be the anthem of this group but the group itself will become its own spiritual guide with leadership from Edison. The tool for making this is called Contextual Marketing which is a combination of inbound, content, video, optimization, email, influencer, affiliate, SEO, PPC marketing and User Experience Design.

Coming Soon!

A Snapshot of Edison

Edison’s Internet Marketing Plan

My culminating deliverable for my Master of Science in Internet Marketing was a full Marketing Plan for Edison. In this process, I had the unique opportunity to apply modern tools to the music industry… creating a plan that can actually feed a band and their fans. If that sounds intriguing, you’re in the right place. Click the image below to check it out then let me know your thoughts!


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