The Challenge

Becca Lynn Johnson, a multi-million dollar health and wellness virtual business, has a vision to change the lives of millions of women through teaching what she has learned throughout her journey as a woman and as a female entrepreneur. 

While on stage speaking to thousands, the name for this vision presented itself– Rooted in Reason. The brand and audience were already well thought out by Becca so when she came to me, she was on fire and ready to launch into the world. Becca had a personal development workbook ready to give for free.

The biggest challenge for Becca was knowing which tools to use, in what ways to use them, and where to use them in order to best reach the audience she knew would be searching for her message. 

The Solution

 We strategized for the best way to release Becca’s workbook. It was early December so the idea of Christmas and gifts became ever more intriguing. Becca loves to go Live on Facebook so we came up with a fun plan. Becca would go live every day for 12 days giving a sly wink at the 12 Days of Christmas phenomenon. 

On Christmas Day, we released the Workbook aligning with the true reason for Christmas–celebrating the abundance we are given through faith. Becca’s message teaches women to have faith in their own influence, impact, and ability to create their income. 

We built out a sales funnel do deliver Becca’s Free Workbook via digital means. All who wanted access to Becca’s workbook exchanged their email address, choosing to become a subscriber to Rooted in Reason. 

We prepared for their arrival into the Subscriber world by designing a Welcome series of 5 emails introducing the new subscriber to Becca, Rooted in Reason, and what they could expect going forward. 

Within this Welcome series, Becca invited her new Subscribers to like her on social media and join a community on Facebook just for those women who want to become Rooted in Reason. There, she cultivated a community by offering a challenge for the month of January called “Rooted to Rise”. In this challenge, Becca spoke into her community daily and guided them through her workbook. They were in for a treat because Becca invited many amazing guests to join her along the way.  

Becca & Rooted Reason gained over 2500 Subscribers and over 750 Group/Community members in only 2 months.


The Results

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A Snapshot of Becca Lynn Johnson


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