The Challenge

Busy people every where are constantly rushing in and out of the grocery store. Even for those who thoroughly enjoy the process, fitting the joy of grocery shopping into a busy schedule seems impossible. More times than not, when actually making time for to Grocery Shop, something is forgotten (usually the most important item). The biggest issues are that there is rarely a plan for what to buy, there is no way to keep a list that syncs to a particular grocery store, it is often hard to find which aisle products are found on, and there is very few ways to share the responsibility with another party.

The Solution

Most busy people who now dread grocery shopping do so because of the stress it adds to their daily lives. For this reason, the solution must reduce stress. An app may be a solution if it is simple, clean,  well-functioning, and easy to use. The app must cover all the basic functional needs of the consumer while also providing delight. Enter: Spoonful – Bringing Joy Back to Groceries. Spoonful is unique in the market because it enables the user to create any list needed (and share easily!), choose from crowdsourced product information or add their own, add new prices from various stores, and have a quick glance at all the information they need for their grocery list including their projected cost.

Explore the Prototype

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