The Challenge

Tinker Tailor is a start-up Brewery in Wellington, New Zealand. Their marketing guru Erica is also a brilliant writer aspiring to be recognized as the prolific beer writer she is! 

When the Tinker Tailor team came to us, they were overwhelmed with all of the various factors that goes into a start-up brewery AND the many challenges of staying present in a fast-paced social world. 

Tinker Tailor’s brewery lay on the outskirts of Wellington in a small suburb. They make superb beer and also know a great deal about the beer! 

The challenge was how to get the brand of Tinker Tailor out into the very crowded craft beer market of New Zealand and beyond.   

The Solution

The solution was chose was a bold one. We decided to be the first in craft beer to apply Inbound Marketing as a solution. 

The first step in spreading brand awareness for Tinker Tailor was to clearly define goals and KPIs. After doing this, we also defined the ideal target market. We did this by diving into in-depth research for the industry as well as the region. Next, we needed to determine how the ideal target market would find Tinker Tailor. Luckily, the brand had an amazing spokeswoman and storyteller in Erica so we decided to focus promotions on her writing. 

We also created event marketing exceeding expectations at events by over 750%. Check out the guide below to see more of the research garnered. 




A Sample Report

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A Snapshot of Tinker Tailor


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